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OI no longer automounts USB sticks

Although that OI 2020.04 and 2021.04 install both on this Dell Precision 3640 system,
 I have noticed:

reboot: Not all drivers have implemented quiesce(9E)
        Please see /var/adm/messages for drivers that haven’t
        implemented quiesce(9E).

The driver that is indicated there is

Jun 27 14:18:24 wapper genunix: [ID 884581 kern.warning] WARNING: xhci has no quiesce()

It would be interesting to compare to an older system which uses the ehci or ohci USB driver.

Maybe OpenIndiana running on a PC without the xHCI behaves differently.

The underlying problem seems to be :

# /usr/ddu/bin/i386/dmi_info -C

error open smbios

Usage: dmi_info [BCDMmPS]

-B: print BIOS information

-C: print Processor number and core number

-D: print PCI Controllers information

-M: print Motherboard information

-m: print memory subsystem information

-P: print Processor informationIn the UEFI Shell, the SmbiosView command can retrieve and display the SMBIOS data

-S: print System information

-h: for help

So basically this tool (used to ‘probe’) seems not be working for me.

I’m no expert in this, but I guess this is related to UEFI and,

the tool must be updated to access this DMI info from UEFI

When I initially said that I could reproduce the problem,
(I am testing on this completely new 2021.04 system)
I didn’t check that rmvolmgr was enabled.

I should have verified that to begin with …

I can still reproduce the problem that you reported,
but for example with an old Olympus camera SmartMedia card reader,
it is automounted fine as follows:

svcadm restart hal

svcadm restart rmvolmgr

eject -l

/dev/dsk/c4t1d0s2 cdrom,cdrom0,cd,cd0,sr,sr0
/dev/dsk/c6t0d0p0:1 rmdisk4,USBSLACK,/media/USBSLACK
/dev/dsk/c5t0d1p0:1 rmdisk1,/media/2.0 Reader-SM-xD

Of course restarting should not be necessary but this is a workaround.