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About the Authors

NHARRY J. FOXWELL is a senior system engineer and OS ambassador for Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc., in the Washington, D.C., area, where he is responsible for solutions consulting and customer education on Solaris, OpenSolaris, Linux, open source software, and virtualization technologies.Harry has worked for Sun Microsystems since 1995; he also authors Sun’s internal web site of Linux technical information and has been a Linux user since 1995. He has been influential in develop-ing and promoting Sun’s Linux and open source strategies and messages. He is coauthor of two Sun BluePrints: “Slicing and Dicing Servers: A Guide to Virtualization and Con-tainment Technologies” (Sun BluePrints Online, 2005) and “The Sun BluePrints Guide to Solaris Containers: Virtualization in the Solaris Operating System” (Sun BluePrints Online, 2006).Harry received his doctorate in Information Technology in 2003 from George Mason University (in Fairfax, Virginia) and has since taught graduate-level computer science courses at GMU about operating systems and electronic commerce. His students use OpenSolaris, VirtualBox, MySQL, and other open source software from Sun in their course assignments and projects.NCHRISTINE TRAN is a software developer for Assured Decisions, LLC. Before that, she spent ten years at Sun Microsystems as a solutions architect and OS Ambassador, guiding customers through all aspects of working on the Solaris platform. She is the author of the online OpenSolaris Service Management Facility FAQ.Christine is working on shipping her first product, built on Solaris 10 and Trusted Extensions. She has recently gone through First Customer Shipment (FCS) and finds the experience exhilarating and crushingly stressful at the same time, much like writing this book. She hopes to survive the support phase.Christine holds a BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.


Webmin for Solaris

Чтобы установить панель управление Webmin, вам нужно ввести кое-какие команды, при установке вводите порт по умолчанию 10000.

Итак нужно запустить в терминале командную строку чтобы установить Webmin

#ssh /usr/sfw/lib/webmin/setup.sh

Все будет готово чтобы запустить панель управление наберите в браузере https://localhost:10000